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Sister Wives – what will happen…?

Sister Wives is the new TLC  reality television. The show documents the life of a polygamist family living in Lehi, Utah, which includes patriarch Kody Brown, his three wives and their 13 children. It will also televise Brown’s courting and marriage to a fourth wife, who herself has three children. Sister Wives first broadcast on September 26, 2010, and is set to run for at least seven episodes.

One day after the series debuted, Lehi police announced they were conducting a bigamy investigation into the family. The Utah Attorney General’s office has begun seeking criminal charges against the Browns.

So that leaves me with what is intuitively in store for this multifamily!  I’ve watched the show…I’m a reality TV junkie.  It is very compelling.  Of course the husband Kody is on best behavior but it does feel like the first wife wears the pants so to speak.  Kody is like most men (sorry guys), he lives in his own little world and isn’t totally plugged into the needs of his family and doesn’t get it when it’s explained to his.  He will make excuses and not listen.
He has a good soul though, he’s quite emotional and empathic.  Once he sees that someone is hurting emotionally, he kicks in and then gets it.

Will charges get filed, I don’t feel so.  I’m sure the law is being pushed to do something about this by the public and other outlets such as religious groups (don’t get me wrong, I love religion and church, they just don’t like me).  If I’m to predict this outcome, I would have to say that no charges will be filed, thereby no one will get sent to jail.   There will be a statement via the law of what they looked at and why the outcome just to please the public.

The show will continue to film, showing the family through the trials and stress, it does make for good TV!  I’ll be watching!!
As time goes on, there will be more news that hits the media of one of the wives leaving, but that’s a long while down the road.  His 4th wife Robyn isn’t a very good match and will cause some turmoil in the family but she will step down emotionally and fade into the background of the family.  She won’t be happy at all.   Those that will be watching the show will have to listen to her whine, or just turn the channel!

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Celebrity Predictions: David Arquette & Courteney Cox

Here we go again, what a surprise!  A Hollywood marriage hits the wall!

First of all I love Courteney Cox, she’s a doll.  The energy is very warm, open and reminds me of a mother hen.  But she’s tired and I don’t blame her.
She has a habit of trying to do everything, be everything and often gets guilty feelings if she backs down.  Courteney…stop taking on the issues of other people!!  You are way too empathic – buckle up and move on.   She also falls into relationships that under mind who she is and what she is suppose to be doing in her life path.  Which basically means she sees the potential in someone, not what is actually in front of her.

Over the past few years she has begun to fade away into the background, which should have told her she is needing to make changes.  The problem is she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, let alone her current husband.  But watch her over the next year turn her career around big time.  Plus there is another child in her future within the next 3 years.  May not be biological but another child none the less.  She will unfold out of her cocoon to become that butterfly that was waiting to spring forth.

David Arquette…he already knows he wasn’t happy.  He is trying to be what Courteney wants and can’t live up to it.  Does that mean Courteney is push, naggy…well in some ways yes!  Courteney has taken on the mother role in this relationship and Davie has become the child role.  Not a good combination.  This takes time…again remember, Courtney saw the potential in David…thereby trying to mold it.  While David is just trying to figure himself out, but ignores this task.  He would rather just play around and be the 18 year old that acts like he is all that and a bag of cheetos.  He’s not a horrible person but he does tend to tell little white lies that other people tend to tire of.  There are times where it takes someone a longer time to get to a certain spot in life.  Courteney already got there way before David and is trying to push him to reach it.  But it’s the opposite effect.  David is pushing away from it all.

Let David be the child, Courteney, but don’t wait for him to grow up.  She knows by now that in order for him to reach this, she needs to let go.  As difficult as that is.

Will the marriage last?  Nope, you will see in time that David will come full force into the spot light any way he can…which is in an arrogant way.  It may be all roses and sunshine right now, but fighting will begin.  David acts like a child and will fight like one too.

So everyone…just sit back and wait for the mud to begin to fly in the next 2 months.  David can’t keep his mouth shut and will talk to another lady in his life…one that isn’t a close relationship but the lady will claim it is…stupid girl!  This ‘girl’ will state all the nastly details that she claims it’s true…of course it’s true, it came from David himself.  Well in some ways that’s true, he did say it, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

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About Barb

A brief glimpse into the life of a Real Professional Psychic Medium…

Barb was raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. She is married with three children and they too have been experiencing their own intuitive skills. Her marriage, how she was introduced to her husband is a true testament to the changes in her life. A psychic medium since childhood, she has conscious memories of spirit communication since the age of around 5 years old.

As a young adult she struggled with the stereotypical idea of the paranormal. She entered this period of her life by ignoring her abilities. She describes this time as going through life with a veil over her eyes, going through the motions of life without really seeing or feeling because she was denying who and what she really was. Ignoring who she was caused her to lose herself. Today she has embraced her abilities and the veil has lifted revealing a happy, content person.

She can be found performing workshops, seminars and readings in person, by phone, email or traveling throughout Canada and the United States. Every other month she can be heard on numerous radio programs. You can also view many of her printed articles in magazines. Information such as your name and date of birth are not necessary for her to tune into your past, present and future. Barb requests that you do not give any information at all. She prefers to have the first 45 minutes of telling you what spirit has to say and leaving the last 15 minutes to ask questions.

Barb does not use any tools such as tarot, crystals or pendulum. She has been gifted with the ability to sense, see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. She is also a medical and pet intuitive. She prides herself on not allowing clients to become dependent on her abilities, but helps them to nurture their own gifts. What makes a session with Barb extraordinary is her belief that anything and everything is possible. She has done readings from Europe, across Canada and the USA! She has even perform readings for producers, news media and celebrities who have described her as a very accurate and unique reader.

Every consultation with Barb is confidential, she does not even discuss the legal cases she works on with law enforcement. She travels being hosted by numerous places for readings, seminars and workshops. She is widely known for her accuracy, honesty and telling it like it is. She follows a strict code of ethics. She is dedicated to reminding people that we have not been left alone, we are loved and to show there is purpose to our lives and there is a reason we are here!

Barb Powell is a Psychic Medium, Profiler and Remote Viewer who has the natural ability to connect with Spirit and does not require the use of any tools. She is widely known for accuracy, honesty and “telling it like it is”. She has helped thousands map out clear and precise direction in their life path towards spiritual development and personal enrichment. Barb possesses a unique talent for bridging the unknown and her clientele, uniting the unconscious world of the seen and unseen that lingers between physical and spiritual realities.

She believes that we begin to heal and grow spiritually once we unlock the solutions by becoming aware of the life blocks that keep us from reaching our life theme. As impressive as her gifts in communicating with animals, spirit guides and the spirits of those who have passed on from this life is her uncompromising integrity in doing this work. Barb is dedicated to reminding people that we have not been left alone, that we are loved, that there is purpose to our lives, and that there is a reason we are here!

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Psychic Mediumship Readings

Psychic Mediumship Readings by Telephone or In-person

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In Person available in the Fort St John, BC and Dawson Creek, BC area – booking for February 4th

SERVICES (phone):

Psychic Reading, Mediumship Reading, Combination Reading  (day appointments)
60 Min Reading  $145
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Please Note:  price variation on weekend/holidays when booking via the online calendar before confirming appointment time

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This appointment can be made within 48hrs and booked by emailing (please contact via email)

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Insight into past, present, and future.  Messages from deceased loved ones.

Psychic Detective / Profiler

Barb Powell is a Psychic Profiler.  She helps investigate crimes and/or missing people and/or animals by using psychic abilities.

To request immediate help please email by clicking here.

Barb Powell does and will work on missing person and/or crime cases. As a world renowned and respected psychic, Barb does not solicit her services to the above agencies or family members without first being invited to assist on the case.

Keep in mind that psychics do not solve crimes – the authorities do.  However, the psychic information that Barb receives – including images, impressions, contacting Spirit Guides and her direct connection with The Other Side – can possibly lead to clues, new information and may lead to solving the case and putting closure to the situation.

* Barb DOES NOT charge for this service, even when it involves her travel, however donations are not turned away but are never requested.

* Barb will only consider working on a case if asked directly by immediate family, police or detectives/private investigators.

* As a condition of accepting a case, Barb does & will request that her name not be released.  She does not discuss her work on cases with anyone, including media.

If you have a tip or can help provide valuable information about a missing person or unsolved crime, please take your information directly and immediately to the proper authorities so that they may follow up on your information and investigate your claim.  Do not email or call Barb with your information or impressions.  She does not work with anyone else.

Paranormal Investigator

Barb Powell is a Paranormal Investigator.   She uses her intuition and natural psychic skills in her investigations.

No Charge for this service, but needs to be accepted by Barb Powell.

Please call 1-888-581-0367 (toll free) or email by clicking here

She does area clearings if needed.

She has performed numerous investigations on UFO and unexplained phenomena such as animal mutilations and hauntings.

Psychic Medium Training

Psychic, Medium (Mentorship) Training

In person and/or by telephone

Full Program
Half Program
Business Set Up 


At this time Barb is NOT taking on private individual clients to teach.  Please visit: Learn It Live for webinars/classes.  Some have already been recorded and some are brand new.


Please email by clicking here to set up an initial assessment.

Please Read Carefully…

This is an individualized, intensive, one on one telephone and/or in person psychic medium training program.  It was originally designed to accommodate students who live too far to receive in person training, however, it can be a combination of in person and telephone training depending on where you are located at.

As the instructor, I work with you personally during the course of 8 weeks, one session per week, once every 2 weeks, or even once per month (depending on what is agreed upon for dates/times) lasting between 1 to 1.5 hours long.  The overall goal is to bring you to a level of proficiency and confidence in your psychic skill level so you have what you need to begin practicing on your own.  As with my group classes, while you are developing your psychic skills, you are also healing yourself as a person as as a psychic/healer and raising your level of happiness.

Some students take this training because they are desiring to increase their current skill level, while others are brand new on the path of the psychic arts but want to ensure they have the best training possible.  Still others have strong personal healing goals and view the training as a path to their own spiritual growth.

I structure the training based on each students needs, goals, skill and comfort level.  First I will call you to have a student/teacher conference to determine your skill level and what you’re wanting to accomplish so that I may guide and create the best possible mentorship program.  Once that is done you will receive an outline of your mentorship course to agree upon.

Depending on the students comfort level, by the 3rd or 4th session, supportive volunteers might be brought on the phone so the student can practice on them under my close supervision.

A couple sessions could be spent learning remote viewing skills by reading objects, locations, and events both past, present and future.

Throughout the psychic, medium training and development the student learns how to improve communication with spirit guides, Angels, and learns how to protect themselves & deal with fear & doubt.

The training includes 7 training sessions and concludes with a full reading by myself to equal 8 sessions.

While I make myself available to the student every two weeks, some students have such busy lives and hectic carreers that they prefer to meet with me once every 3 weeks, etc.  I am very flexible with this.  Some students request the same day/time every two weeks while the majority like to set a new time/day at the end of each session.  It’s never a problem to reschedule if something comes up at the last minute.

The cost is $1,000 for the full program (see below for other training options). I can only have about 2 or 3 students at any given time.  (Each session is intense for both the student and myself, so I never work with more then one student bi-weekly.  The program is comprehensive and teaches skills and provides experiences and enables transformation that is really priceless. Skills learned can also apply to everyday life as well as your psychic work!

The program is not homework intensive but students are encouraged to practice meditations and readings in between sessions.  Those that do tend to find the program even more enriching.  There may be some ‘homework’ to be completed before the next session but I promise this is not like high school.

I am always happy to answer any questions about the course if you are seriously considering it, please feel free to email or call me at 1-888-581-0367 (toll free).  I can not offer discounts.  However, it is possible to pay for the course in two or three installments.

Since the course is normally conducted over the telephone, I will call the student at my own expense.  I am able to call anyone in any part of the world so I am beginning to work with international students.

Psychic Medium Training:

$1000 for Full (8 session) program as described above.  $1050 for two easy payments of $525 .  Payment can be made here in full, or a payment plan in 2 payments.

$500for Half (4 session) program.  $550 for two easy payments of $275.  Personal reading by Barb is not included in this offer.  Payment can be made here in full, or a payment plan in 2 payments. This half program is good for those who are already began their learning process with intuition and need that extra step, or those who are already in the business and want help with building their intuitive business.

Spiritual Business Set Up:

$500 paid in full for the Business Mentoring (4 session) program. $550 for two easy payments of $275.  Are you wanting to set up your own spiritual/helping business?  Whether you do Psychic Medium, Tarot Card or Angel Readings, Reiki or other Energy work Barb can help you increase your client list, teach you marketing skills and overall increase your presence in this competitive market!Don’t have a website?  No problem, this package also includes a one page website that has a place to accept payments from clients.Learn all the in and outs and hints of starting your own business or increasing your current business to where you want it to be!!  Tips on media branding, TV and radio ready….

Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching and Empowerment

These sessions will be different from my psychic readings, in that they will be ongoing for a period of time to help my clients get through certain periods in their life, or to help them make serious life changes over time, or to enhance their own spiritual growth. This is NOT a psychic reading, however, if I do pick up on information I will pass it along.

Each client is an individual, and each person will need different types of information or work to get through certain things.

Issues that may come up in your Coaching Session(s) are:

  • Empowerment
  • Energy Work, May include work on your Chakras (energy centres)
  • Releasing past events/lives/challenges/people
  • Making changes to your everyday life
  • Making Changes to your way of thinking
  • Affirmations
  • Meditations
  • Changing relationships by changing the way you think, act and behave
  • Using the Law of Attraction
  • Transitioning your career

As each Soul is different, each coaching session and time frame will be different. Below are some examples of time frames for Life Coaching.  These are not the only options, but should provide a guideline for you.


5 hours of life coaching. This can be done every two weeks, once a month, etc. I plan on trying to be flexible with the times of the coaching sessions.  We can do them in 30, or 60 minute blocks, whatever will work best for you, your schedule, and your life.  Times are adjustable, based on where you are at in your life and your plans for your life.

Regular price for 5 hours is $450.00, but paid in advance would be $400.

Another example would be four half hour sessions weekly for 4 weeks. Regular price would be $200, but paid in advance for the coaching would be $150.

If you would like to set up appointments for life coaching, you may phone 1-888-581-0367 (toll free) or email me by clicking here.

Email Intuitive Consultations

E-Mail Psychic Readings

Email readings are done by Barb Mather personally.
She may write out the email or you may request she record her voice (this is a new & exciting option) and send via email for you to upload and listen.
No computer generated responses.
Good for those seeking specific questions such as career, relationship, or finances, etc.

Barb will answer your questions, plus give whatever messages come through from loved ones and/or spirit guides/angels.
Please be aware that email readings may not be as in-depth as phone readings since you can’t ask questions back during the session (it’s not live).


E-Mail your questions by clicking here and then make payment.  Barb will perform the email reading as her schedule permits.  Please be patient as waiting times for a response can take from a couple of days, or weeks to over a month.  If your email request is a time sensitive matter, please indicate in your request.  You may also email to ask how long the wait time would be at any given moment as Barb’s schedule does change.

One Question $45


Two Questions $80


Three Questions $115

Celebrity Psychic Medium, Barb Powell doing a reading for Nia Peeples

Last night, Friday, September 24th I was on The Art of Healing radio show where I read for Nia Peeples.

Spanning nearly 3 decades, Nia Peeples’ illustrious career includes being a chart-topping, award-winning recording artist, and a popular television star and film actress. At age 46, she was selected as one of People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People in the World in 2008.  She is perhaps best known for her role as Nicole Chapman on Fame. She is also known for her role as Karen Taylor Winters on The Young and the Restless and as Sydney Cooke on Walker, Texas Ranger.

You don’t wanna miss this show, listen to hour one and two by clicking on the links:

Hour One

Hour Two