Celebrity Predictions – January 2011

Jesse JamesKat Von D Engaged – The newness will wear off rather quickly with these two.  Kat is a spunky little thing who is actually quite emotional despite her tough exterior.  I feel she actually wants to have children.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she is with child already as the energy of a child is swimming around her.

Mr. James says all the right things but never follows through.  He can be manipulative and charismatic…what a package!  It doesn’t seem he knows what love really is, he can’t seem to fully open up and be vulnerable.  He gets bored easily and acts before thinking.

So what is in store for these two?  Be prepared for news of a pregnancy, this relationship will crumble within a year and half.

I feel there is a bunch of us woman who can easily relate with Sandra Bullock during this difficult time.  Sandra is taking the high road of class, which I love about her!  However I do feel she is struggling with many questions about the man she was once married to.  She has her moments of sadness, anger but also hope for her future.  She is strong and has a good support system around her.  She does try to have a strong wall around her which tells people “I’m good, life is great and I’m happy”, but when the cameras are turned off and she is alone she sits with her unanswered questions…which can never get an honest answer.  Her love life will blossom once again but I believe she is in no hurry to be attached to anyone but her son right now.

Camille Grammer – There has been rumors that Camille is considering quitting Real Housewives.  This is not going to happen.  Camille will continue with the show, don’t worry.  We aren’t finished with watching this train wreck yet. Camille reminds me of a candy with a liquid center, sticky sweet on the outside and hard as hell on the inside!  She can play herself off as a woman who has been scorned by her ex-husband Kelsey.  No matter how flat you make your pancake, there are always two sides to it.  Right now I wouldn’t believe either of them when they speak but at least Kelsey is not speaking, which is loud enough to say “I’m the one who is sane!”  Camille, it’s time to just be quiet.  Karma is real and it will play out but you are trying to manipulate Karma by speaking negatively.  Even though most of what you are saying I agree with, but no good will come out of speaking out of anger, resentment and fear.

Singer Pink has confirmed a pregnancy and I must say that it feels like she is having a girl.  Pink is so bad ass!  I just love her, I secretly have a great friendship with her in my dreams!  I feel she loves her husband and for the most part have a good relationship but wow is Pink ever emotional and she reacts to it.  Meaning she reacts first emotionally rather than think first.  One of those people who doesn’t like to show emotion such as tears or be vulnerable but instead will produce a hardened exterior first and become stubborn.  She needs to be broken open just a bit more, at least with her husband.  I believe she will have a wonderful relationship with her child.  It will be close and special to both of them.

Her marriage will go through another rocky period later this year into 2012.

Leonardo DiCaprio will announce an engagement in 2011.


  1. I would love to know what you think of the Kate Hudson & Matthew Bellamy relationship/pregnancy … etc … Do you see them lasting? … Do you think the child she is pregnant with is even matthew’s ?

  2. Do you see Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens rekindling their romance and sharing a future together despite their recent break-up? Would love to hear more about these two from you!:)