Happily Ever After? The Royal Wedding

Were you one of the 2 billion people who were up late/early to watch the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William?  I cheated by recording it and watching it first thing I woke up!  Amazing it was and I enjoyed every minute of it.

There have been some who continue to bash the wedding, or can’t see why people are so fascinated by these two.  You only wish you were that well known and loved!  This is a dream for anyone, a common girl meets her prince and they live happily ever after…or do they?

So what are the predictions for the Royal family?  Keep reading and find out!

Prince Charles will become King of England in a huge ceremony in the next few years.  I feel strongly that this will occur within the next 6 years, by 2018.
He won’t be on the throne for very long, the newly crowned King George VII, in honor of his Grandfather, will not hold this title in life for long.
One of his sons will take over.

There I go rambling on with what I see, back to the present and the Royal wedding of Prince William.  I feel this is a marriage built on a foundation of love and not for show or pressure.  This relationship will last and be a changing day for the monarch.  If you were on my Facebook Fan Page you could have followed my thoughts while watching this event take place.

A child will be born within two years of their marriage.  You will see a lot of pressure from the media and public for a child to be born.  There will be tons of speculation of pregnancy as well, but will not be true in the beginning.  A child within two years.  More than one child will come of this union, including a female child.  Just like Princess Diana, Kate will be a hands on mother, while William will take the lead of a hands on loving father.  One of the children will have a mind of its own and will be the talk of the media.

We won’t see Prince Harry marry for a long while, in fact, I can’t see him marrying at all.  He definitely needs to be careful and not push himself too much with his career.  He tends to push the limits of safety, while trying to live a life of normalcy…but goes far beyond this safety net.

I was asked by a well known media source for an interview about what Princess Diana would have thought about this wedding.  The problem was they wanted me to say that Princess Diana is speaking directly to me, through me.  Which would not be the case, I can not tell a lie.  Could this happen if I were sitting or chatting directly with family, friends or acquaintances?  Sure it could if she were to ‘present herself’ to me I could pass on messages.  But why would media shy Princess Diana just wander on up to me and begin shedding her soul, don’t be foolish!  However, I can profile anyone, which means I can get into the thoughts/minds of anyone.  I can assure you that Prince Williams mother is very proud of her son and his choice of a bride.  She is proud of how he has become his own person and remained true to himself and his beliefs.

What are your thoughts on the Royal family?  Leave your comments below!



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  1. sheena says:

    Yay! I like that prediction! Go kate and wills! I really feel they are a great couple out of love not for show. Mind u he found her she didn’t throw herself at him cause he ”fancied” her lol so I don’t think she’s with him for any publicity or show mind u I am sure she enjoys the fairytale ending haha who wouldn’t? And besides william is a loveable man so why wouldn’t she marry him for love? I wish them the best

  2. I sincerely wish their happiness and they deserve that. I believe that they are both mentally mature couple and will be able to keep their relationship very well.
    I’d rather not see Charles be a King, for obvious reason that he disgraced the family by cheating on his wife all those years and didn’t have the nerve to give up his possible crown. He should have followed King Edward and chose love or the crown.