Harrison Ford waxes chest – to save rainforests

WASHINGTON (AFP) – He has cheated death and withstood excruciating pain in the Indiana Jones adventure movies, and now US actor Harrison Ford has gone the extra mile in the discomfort stakes to protect rainforests.

He has had his chest waxed.

Anyone who has ever waxed their legs or, worse still, bikini line or underarms, knows that this form of hair removal can be painful.

But while Ford winces, he doesn’t make a peep when the esthetician in the short video rips a wide swathe of his chest hair out.

 ***  Well I can tell you one thing, if I had to wax…ummm, well anything, I would be screaming…you’d be able to hear me in Africa!  But makes you think doesn’t it?  Would you do this for a good cause?  I think I would!  I’ve heard of people shaving their heads for Cancer and such and my gosh, what heros…that takes some guts and kudos for them.  It would be a wonderful feeling to be able to have such a platform to be able to help.


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