Life After Death?

I’ve been emailed, twittered and so on about what I think of Stephen Hawking’s claims about the afterlife. First, I had to look up who the hell is Stephan Hawkins and secondly, “I don’t care what Stephen Hawking thinks about the afterlife, he’s not God!”

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I have enough self confidence within myself and abilities to not care or blink an eye of what another person, let alone Mr. Hawking’s says or thinks of what I believe in.
I do feel some of what Stephen has said in interviews were taken out of context. I respect his point of view, but I don’t have to agree with it.
I continue on with my work as a Psychic and Medium.

Whether anyone agrees with his thoughts on the afterlife, I have to agree with his statement that life is short and we must make the best of it.

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  1. That has always amazed me, about people who are scientifically or logically minded. How can you say, definitively that something is just one way and that there is or are no exceptions or areas beyond that one rigid believe. Science is ALWAYS proving itself wrong in that, what was formerly held to be true becomes discounted or discredited upon further scrutiny as time passes and more research is conducted.

    It’s funny to me, when some one says definitively, for example, that God or an Afterlife or Something does not exist, that this is it. It is ludicrous logically. There are too many questions that have no answers, one little one for example “Why this or Where did this, us come from?” We have no real, definitive answers for what we CAN see, how can we have definitive answers for what is beyond our abilities to discern or measure? To me, that is a failure of logic, a failure of scientific inquiry.

    Long answer short – Mr. Hawkins ain’t thinkin’ right. Lol!

  2. well stephen is a smart man,,,but only book smart not life smart! To not know about the world around you at all levels is absurd……most people have experienced in some way…..and yes science does play a part as we are all energy and spirits and god are energy. I say again….book smarts are not everything!!!

  3. I definitely do not believe this Steven Hawkings. I have had so many spiritual experiences that no one can tell me there is no afterlife or life after death. What would our purpose on earth be then, if there was nothing afterwards? Thats silly to even say there is nothing after this life….I know because I know there are also past lives….

  4. Frances says:

    Personally I think that there are a lot of factors, besides him being a brilliant scientist, that factor in his non believe of an afterlife. Regardless, I completely agree with you. Him saying he doesn’t believe won’t change anything in me either. Oh well! Carry on, Mr. Hawkins! 🙂

  5. Deborah says:

    When Mr. Hawking and others like him believe this way I think “Boy are they ever going to be shocked and in awe!!” LOL I am surprised however that being a man of science that his mind isn’t more open to the endless possibilities. It doesn’t make me sad, it doesn’t make me mad and it doesn’t make me want to change his mind because that is set in stone. He sees only in black and white and unfortunately that’s just the way he is hard-wired. He isn’t ready in a spiritual sense. I just grin this little grin like I “knowww” the difference as will he one day. However, I do feel sympathy for the guy as the limitations he has endured both spiritually and physically are challenging for sure. Can’t wait for his ahhaaa moment 🙂

  6. His article is well…insane!! How can one not take a look around themselves and see that we are not computers, we are composed of empathy, love, sadness, happiness. Our most prized gift is our emotions. It is within our emotions that is the stem of our base existence, our spiritual essence. If we were merely computers could we heal ourselves? Could we see into the future? could we create miracles? All I know is that when I get quiet with myself I can FEEL the connection, I can feel the gift of love and universal bond. I agree that god may not be a person but god is a connection of love that flows through us all. There is an afterlife and not because I am afraid of the dark, it exists because I can feel it. I feel sad for him that he believes what he does but we all have a choice to find the connection within ourselves and the world around us. The choice is yours…

  7. Steven Hawking is a physicist and author who has been around for awhile in the science department. I read one of his books, “A Brief History of Time”, for a college class which I thought was quite well written. Science is simply a measure of observation and experience. It seems to me that Steven Hawking is simply lacking in experience and observation of the spiritual dimension that you or I have been privy to. Physicists have determined there to be 11 dimensions. Many have not dared to make the jump to acknowledging that these higher dimensions are in fact spiritual realms. Some of the more adventurous have made that connection. While I was at PBW, one of the ladies there who had had a near-death experience told me, out of the blue, that God resides in the 11th dimension.

  8. Quentin Richmond says:

    Hi Barb,
    I didn’t realize you had such a great sense of humor, (I had to look up who Steven Hawking is). 🙂 But then again you would need a good sense of humor to deal with some of the people you meet, I’m sure.
    Anyway, I’ve been a fan of Steven for years and read all of his work. I agree with your response regarding his interview and I will not attempt to add to it or say it any better.

  9. the only reason his comments are news cause his in a wheelchair and talks with a computer if not for that the media wouldnt even care about his views

    • The man is the most intelligent man I know but not a smart man…….he only knows books and reading….nothing at all about life experences…..As a scientist he should know we are made of energy as is everything around us. That is science!! but it goes deeper than that and he only is interested in what he can explain. God and the here after is not easily explained but plainly there. Eveyone to one degree experiences it if they are open to it……obviously he is not . He will find out one day and go OH MAN! dont i look the fool !